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The only question is which heater to buy in Cary.

Many sizes, fuel types, and brands of tank water heaters are currently available in the market, making choosing the right tank difficult. To ease this dilemma, we have listed a few criteria that will help you narrow your choices:


The choice of a Tank Water Heater depends on the number of people in the house. A small family with two to four members requires a tank water heater with at least 80 gallons of capacity. This will allow enough water for everyone to bathe and wash clothes and dishes. Consult with a professional to get an exact size. You don’t want to be in the shower when the hot water runs out.

Tank Type

There are many types of tanks available – gas, electric, hybrids, solar, storage, and tankless options.

Each of these has its pros and cons. However, fuel availability and space available play a significant role in deciding which type of tank to purchase. Here are the most popular options:

Storage Tank Water Heaters: This type of water heater is a reservoir. The size varies from small to bulk, depending on your requirements. It refills instantly as you consume hot water, ensuring the tank is never empty. However, it isn’t the most effective energy-saving device.

tankless water heater installation ralei

Water Heater Repair and Installation Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Durham

Most individuals look at cost and energy saving when buying a water heater. Another essential criterion to consider is warranty. A heater with a more extended warranty tends to perform better as they are built for durability – thicker insulation, less heat loss, more significant elements, and quick heating.


To ensure that you select the correct size tank water heater, speak to a professional like Bizzy Bee Plumbing. They will advise you on your options, recommend the best brands based on your requirements and even install the tank water heater.


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For professional installation or repair, call our trusted plumbers. We will provide you with an estimated ad to make sure to choose the right brand for your home.

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