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Sewer inspection and repair

When getting a new house or shifting some place new, it is absolutely mandatory for you to get the plumbing inspected by an expert. If you come to know plumbing is a problem even before you buy the house, you can save a lot more by getting it repaired before you encounter major issues such as blockage and backed up sewers.

Bizzy Bee undertakes sewer inspection and cleaning. The entire process is well organized and leaves no room for complaints.

Sewer inspections are conducted via cameras and the report in the form of a DVD is generated almost instantly. The report is handed over via email or right on the site.

The specialized equipment a Rigid sewer camera helps detect problems in advance. If taken care of in the nascent stage, these cannot snowball into and take over your entire lives.

A professional brought in on time can help and at times even prevent such problems. Bizzy Bee is insured and licensed to service commercial and residential units. Their turnaround time and services are quick and efficient. Special discounts may be availed on the company’s siteas well. A technician will only start working on the issue once the problem is explained to the tenant/owner and an estimate is provided.


Before CIPP
After CIPP

Backed-up and clogged sewers can be heartbreaking. The stench alone can make you wish you could move and set up home in a new place. If not installed or maintained correctly, sewage can drain where it shouldn’t or be sent back up where it came from.
In situations like these, Cary, NC-based Bizzy Bee Plumbing, Inc. can be the answer to your prayers.

Based on the inspection report, sewer repairs and cleaning as deemed fit is done and completed to total satisfaction. It is always recommended that a professional be brought in for specific needs. Else the problem may escalate.


All the drains in a residential or commercial property lead to the sewer main, and any blockages or clogs there can lead to a huge problem. This can lead to fixtures being backed up, gurgling, and bubbling like they’ve been possessed, and the most annoying is the smell that accompanies these problems. A tree’s roots caught in the sewer main can lead to these problems.

Timely servicing or maintenance also helps increase the longevity of fixtures and main lines that keep the house going. Like a doctor, the plumber checks for signs of distress or symptoms that may turn into disease and nip the problem in the bud. At the first sign of pain, remember to call Bizzy Bee and leave the rest to them.