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Sewer inspection and repair

When acquiring a new residence or transitioning to a different location, it is absolutely essential to have a skilled professional inspect the plumbing system. Identifying plumbing issues before purchasing the property can lead to significant cost savings by addressing repairs prior to the occurrence of major problems like blockages and sewage backups.

Bizzy Bee specializes in comprehensive sewer inspection and cleaning services. The entire procedure is meticulously organized and ensures a complaint-free experience.

Sewer inspections are conducted using advanced camera technology, generating an almost instantaneous report in the form of a DVD. The report is conveniently delivered via email or on-site.

Utilizing specialized equipment like the Rigid sewer camera, potential issues can be detected early on. Timely intervention in the initial stages prevents these problems from escalating and disrupting your daily life.

Engaging a professional in a timely manner can provide assistance and, in some cases, even prevent such complications. Bizzy Bee holds the necessary insurance and licenses to serve both commercial and residential properties. Their services are characterized by rapid and efficient turnaround times.


Additionally, the company's website offers opportunities to access special discounts. A technician will commence addressing the problem only after thoroughly understanding the issue from the tenant or owner and providing a detailed estimate.


Before CIPP
After CIPP

Dealing with backed-up and obstructed sewers can be a truly distressing experience. The overpowering odor alone might evoke a strong desire to relocate and establish a new residence elsewhere. When sewage systems are improperly installed or neglected, they can either divert to unintended locations or resurface where they originated from.

In such challenging scenarios, Bizzy Bee Plumbing, Inc., situated in Cary, NC, emerges as a potential solution to your predicament.

Upon a thorough review of the inspection findings, appropriate sewer repairs and cleaning are carried out to ensure complete satisfaction. Engaging a professional for specific requirements is always advisable; otherwise, the issue could potentially worsen.

All drainage systems within residential or commercial properties converge at the sewer main, and any obstructions or blockages there can result in significant complications. This might manifest as fixtures backing up, emitting strange gurgling sounds, and exhibiting unsettling bubbling, often accompanied by an unpleasant odor. Such problems can arise from tree roots infiltrating the sewer main.

Routine maintenance and timely servicing also play a crucial role in extending the lifespan of fixtures and main pipelines that uphold the functioning of the household.


Analogous to a medical practitioner, a plumber assesses potential indicators of distress or symptoms that might develop into more severe issues, addressing them proactively. When you detect the initial signs of trouble, remember to reach out to Bizzy Bee, leaving the resolution of the matter in their capable hands.