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Slab Leaks

If you are a home owner or a business owner, there are many maintenance issues that you deal with on a regular basis from mowing your lawn to fixing leaking faucets. A less common but problematic issue that you might have is a slab leaks.

What is a slab leak?

A slab leak refers to a leak that occurs in a water line which runs below the concrete floor or foundation of your home or business. This leak is not easy to repair as you have to break your concert floor to reach the leaky pipe. It is also a maintenance problem that has to be dealt with immediately before it starts affecting your water and/or heating bills.

Detecting a slab leak

Detecting a slab leak is surprisingly simple due to the many signs. You can determine if you have a slab leak if there are one or more of the following signs:
• Can you hear running water when all taps and outlets are off
• Can you see new cracks on the floor or the walls
• Have you noticed excessive moisture or mildew on your carpets
• Is there a hot spot on the floor (this sign only occurs if the leaking pipe is a hot water pipe


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Slab Leak Cary, Nc

Fixing a slab leak

In this day and age, it is tempting to save on costs by fixing the slab leak on your own. Do not give into this temptation unless you want a very unhappy honey. Slab leaks are notoriously hard to locate and given the location of the leak without professional help, you will end up with lot of holes in your concert flooring and a much higher repair bill.

Locating a slab leak

When you hire a professional such as Bizzy Bee Plumbing, Cary, NC to fix the slab leak, they will locate it non-destructively. They use a modern tool known as a high tech ater leak detector device to search and locate the leak. This ensures that the scope of drilling is limited to a small area and quick to fix.

Once they locate the leak, they open up the slabusing a jack hammer. This will take some time depending on the type of flooring. Next, they repair the pipe by cutting out the damaged section and replacing it with new tubing. This is soldered into place with couplings. This process ensures that the slab leak is repaired with minimal damage to your floor and they are in and out of your house within 24 hours.

On rare occasions, the plumber or contractor will discover multiple leaks in the pipes. In those cases, they may have to replace the entire line that is leaking or apply an in-place pipe coating to prevent leakage. In such cases, the work may take a little longer.

In short, slab leaks are destructive maintenance issues that should be handled immediately by professionals and not as your DIY project for the weekend unless you want a very angry wife. Look for a reliable contractor that will ensure quality work.