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Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets: Installation, Repairs and Brands
Indoor plumbing is a necessity as well as a luxury.

Running water in the kitchen and bathroom can make life really easy. But poor installation or repair work of kitchen and bathroom faucets can make life really inconvenient.

Therefore it is very important to hire a professional to install or repair the faucets in your house.

For those living in Cary, NC or even surrounding areas can call Bizzy Bee Plumbing, Inc for excellent services in installing and repairing your kitchen or bathroom faucets.

Some of the common brands that they deal in are Price Pfister, Delta, Grohe, and American Standard.

Calling a professional to repair faucets

Faucets may look like simple tools but if not handled properly they can get damaged and cost homeowners money.

A leaky faucet in the kitchen or bathroom if not repaired in time can cause significant damage to the sink or other hardware. It also leads to water loss, which can significantly increase your water bill.

If you simply want to change your old kitchen or bathroom faucets with new, fancier models, Bizzy Bee Plumbing does that as well.


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Causes for leaky faucets

There can be many reasons that could cause a faucet to leak. The faucet could be old or faulty or the installation of faucets might not be right. The faucet or an internal component could be broken and this might be causing the leak. A plumbing professional can look into the problem and fix it.

Our Cary Plumbers are qualified and licensed to deal with faucet leaks can repair faucets in your kitchen or bathroom in no time at all.

They can also ensure that the chances of future leaks are minimal. Leaks can happen any time without any plumbing fault if the faucet or any faucet part breaks.


Calling a Bizzy Bee Plumbing, Inc to install faucets

Whether you are building a new house or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, our plumbers can install all new faucets properly. They can also check your old faucets and give you their professional opinion whether an old faucet needs to be replaced or can be used with some repair work. This can help you save a lot of money.

Call our licensed technicians at Bizzy Bee Plumbing

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There is a risk that faucets can break or crack if not handled properly. In such case this is a sheer waste of money and you need to buy a new faucet. Therefore always have a professional handle faucet repair or installation work.




Faucet repair or replacement or installation might seem deceptively simple, but in reality it is not. A repair or installation mistake or improper handling of tools can cause cracks in your sink. Bizzy Bee plumbers have all the necessary tools at their disposal to carry out their work for all types of faucets.

They can also check for other plumbing problems like clogged drains or sink during the faucet installation work saving you time and trouble in the future.